Sunday, July 18, 2010

My Tidbits

I thought long and hard about what I wanted to write today. Normally, I have the column up before midnight but last night I went to bed early. I had spent the day at a RWA meeting then went over a friend’s home to float in her pool. Even though I was only out for two hours in the hot sun and in water, I came home completely wiped. I did a few things, had dinner then promptly fell into bed before nine last night. A first for me in many, many months.

So, sitting here thinking this morning about what I want to write about got me worried. See I was so tired I woke up with a fuzzy brain and no thought patterns. Yeah, I know I haven’t had my coffee this morning but I really need to write something...LOL!

In light of this fact, I decided I wanted to give you ten things about me you may or may not know. This can give you time to speculate then ask me questions about my life. Have fun!

  1. I was born in Ohio. I do keep this to myself mainly because there are so many of us transplanted elsewhere.
  2. The most scary place I went to growing up was called Serpent Mound. There was something odd about it and while I don’t get creeped out like I used to the place does set my mind to whirl. And the stories which are going to come from that experience makes me want to write them all now.
  3. My two children are sixteen years apart. What was I thinking? LOL!
  4. I love romantic comedies and try to get people to go with me to the movies every time I notice one I might like. It’s then I remember I live in a house filled with all men. Sigh.
  5. I love sci-fi space thrillers like Alien and Predators. Gotta love those kick ass women! Matter of fact, they are my favorite movies. Probably the reason I write so many of them.
  6. I’ve been in RWA off and on since 1985. There was a period where my mother was ill and I didn’t belong but I’ve seen the organization grow from about 300 people to where it is today.
  7. I’ve run the contests for two international writing groups – RWA and EPIC. Those were very thrilling to do but hard work. My husband told me when I was doing the RWA one that he had never seen me work as hard even when I got paid. Leave it to a man!
  8. I used to write screenplays for the Star Trek franchises. This was a hoot and something that made me know those people in Hollywood can be scary if you don’t have your head on straight. While it was the experience of a lifetime, once truly has been enough.
  9. I’m a pantser by nature but plan all my books longer than 50K for almost a month before I start writing them. By planning, I mean write down what I want to happen chapter by chapter. Sometimes I go deeper than that but I have to have every step in my mind of where the story is going before I put more than a few words on paper. Weird, I know.
  10. I have six completed books in my virtual file cabinet which haven’t seen the light of day since the mid-90s. The whys are complicated but suffice it to say, some of them are coming out of that closet very, very soon. These are long stories that need work and at the time they were completed, didn’t have a market. Things like fantasy romance, stories about women off-road racers and lingerie shop owners. I think I can find them homes now.
So there you have it. Ten things to know about me. I’ll give you more of course in time but I think these are enough to get you to think about all the questions you might have. So don’t hesitate to ask me those questions...I look forward to them!

See you all tomorrow!



  1. I'm curious where in Ohio you are from. I was born and raised in Akron and moved to Washington state in 1975. I remember the mounds and always thought they were very unusual.
    Where is the wonderful photo from? It reminds me of a couple places.

  2. It just goes to show that when you enjoy something you don't have to be paid for it and work very hard at it.
    That's awesome that you wrote screen plays for the Star Trek franchises. Must have been a very fast paced time.
    16 years between the two kids, my youngest is 22 and oldest is 44 (of course there are 5 more in there) but there is a total of 21 years between the last three. I think we weren't thinking lol or we were just ready. :)

  3. LuAnn,

    I was born in a little town called West Union. It was about 30 miles to the river. At least, that's what I think...would have to look at a map to be sure. LOL!

    I grew up in a town called Sabina, right between Wilmington and Washington Courthouse. It was on the old 3 C highway.

    The photos are actually from two very different places. The first was taken on my second trip to Scotland. The second was taken not far from my father's home in Idaho.

    Thanks for stopping by! And I'll be curious to see if you know where I grew up.


  4. Carol,

    Star Trek is definitely a fast paced environment. We should have a convention just for the people who wrote or sold ideas for them. There are so many of us.

    Wow! I thought I held the record for longest between kids. LOL! My Dad told me I was keeping with family tradition as he was about the same distance from his sister as my two boys were. And you're right, we were probably just ready. LOL!

    Thanks for stopping by!


  5. Sixteen years between kids, and you're married to a Scotsman? That's some careful planning, baby. Or maybe not. Lol.