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Welcome to week 87th week of My Sexy Saturday. The week’s theme is Are You Sexy and it’s about those characters that are naturally sexy. Don’t forget to drop by for Monday’s Austria Scoop and Tuesday’s My So-Called Writing Live where I talk about the limos and tiaras. Not really but it does sound good. Remember, the more comments you make, the more you’re entered into my monthly drawing for a $25 gift certificate to the ebook retailer of your choice. You don’t comment, you won’t have a chance!  

I knew immediately just what characters exuded sexy without really caring about how he looks. He’s a natural and his name is Logan MacKenzie of the contemporary Clan MacKenzie from the heart of Scotland. He’s the hero in my book, Loving the Scotsman. This book is with my agent right now and she’s patiently waiting for me to complete the second book in the series before we move forward. Unfortunately, the editing on the second book is coming along slowly. It was my Camp NaNo book last year and boy is it ever the ugly duckling. But we’re whipping it into shape and hopefully this trilogy will be with a NYC publisher in no time. I’ll keep you posted. You can find previous references to this story with its original name, Where’s My Underwear, here:

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Here’s my snippet from Loving the Scotsman and pictured is my idea of Logan since I obviously don’t have a cover yet:

“I get by.” He continued to walk, not even turning to acknowledge the fact I actually enquired about something personal.
“Boy, friendly, aren’t you?” I muttered under my breath. Suddenly, I found myself pinned against the wall. Not in a bad way mind you but in a sexual, predatory way. I sensed my heart would leap from my chest any moment now as its cadence boomed deep within me. I watched him consume me with his eyes, hot smoldering eyes spoke of sin and sex and heaven only knew what other delights.
What do you want me to say, Eryn?” He leaned into my hair as if breathing in the scent. “Did you expect me to say something like ‘Hi, honey, I’ve missed you these past fifteen years’?  Or would you rather I cut right to the chase and take you right here?”
My eyes opened wide, my body dripping with desire as my nipples hardened. I wanted this man like no other but I couldn’t…no, it wouldn’t do to let him know that fact…not one little bit. I hadn’t expected the anger and maybe his emotion had something to do with last night. “Ah—actually—ah, I just came for my underwear.” I swallowed hard and watched him look at the workings of my throat. I realized it would take little to entice him to place his mouth there.
Slowly, he leveraged himself away from me, making sure I felt every bulge and muscle in his entire body. “Like I said, no can do.” He turned to continue down the hall. I followed him into a rather large office with a splendid view of Edinburgh Castle.
“Wow.” I could only stare at the castle dominating the scene. “You get to look at that every day?” I glanced at him amazed at the wonder I saw in his eyes. He was as affected by what stood out the window as I was.
“I do.” He indicated a dark leather chair in front of his desk as I returned to the reality of the situation.

This book is a big one and comes in just under 100K, so be prepared for a nice long read when it comes out. Also, my traditional ePublisher, eXtasy Books still has many of my books on sale at their website. If you’ve never read any of my stories, now’s the time to get them at a great discount and see if I write stories you might like. Pick up your copies today!

The Thing About Elves ~ Book 2 in the Santa’s Elves series
The Haunting of Maggie Grey ~ Award-winning Scottish Historical about a woman doctor
Iain and Kelsey ~ Story about a woman’s darkest fantasy
Fluke ~ Book 1 of the Orchid series, sci-fi romance
An Elf’s Desire ~ Book 3 in the Santa’s Elves series
A Love for Eggther ~ Book 3.5 in the Santa’s Elves series
Shopping Spree ~ Story about a very special dress shop

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