Friday, July 9, 2010

A Day in the Life

When trying to think about what I wanted to talk on today, I have to admit, my mind was blank. As I’m writing this, I realize my mind is mush because I’ve been writing so much. See, today alone, I’ve written on two shorts I’m doing, started the awesome letter to an agent, tweeted a few times as well as answered friend who are at various places as well as figured out I’ve lost over ten pounds on the current diet I’m using. Add this to the fact I had to take my youngest to his class because he doesn’t have his driver’s license yet and a visit to the grandsons who cried because I wasn’t Mommy today.

If those things all together weren’t enough to make one’s head spin, I don’t know what is. So in light of that, I thought I would actually write down how it is for me. Here’s what I usually do in a typical day...or not so decide.

7:30 am – My puppy Jasper has decided it is time for me to get up. Sometimes he barks at me, sometimes he licks my face but he just loves sitting on the couch watching TV with me. Today I just want to sleep.

7:35 am – Start coffee and turn on TV for mutt. Cut my breakfast apple. The dog is sleeping soundly on the couch with the TV on. Darn mutt.

7:40 am – Open email and start reading one of the nearly a thousand emails I’ve received over the day. I belong to 167 yahoogroups, a few Google groups, Twitter and Facebook as well as MySpace and a few other things.

9:00 am – Another round of coffee because now the work begins. Start writing.

10:00 am – Dog wants out so this is a good time to get up and walk around for a stretch fest. More coffee.

10:15 am – Back at desk. Have to put out one fire before I continue on my new story.

12:00 noon – Geez, didn’t realize I hadn’t moved in almost two hours. Another fire to put out and only about 1K so far as I’m tired and groggy for some reason today.

12:05 pm – Get youngest up to take shower for his chiropractic appointment. Realize I haven’t showered either and do so once he’s out.

1:00 pm – Shuttle him to Dr. while I stay and write in the car with the dog. Get quite a bit done considering Jasper wants to be in my lap.

1:30 pm – Done with Dr. so head home with minor stop for food for Kyle. Oh, yeah, I am hungry. Have to cook when I get home.

1:45 pm – Whip up a fantastic Asian inspired style soup that I let cool to room temp. Lots of broccoli, egg and chicken. This is great!

2:00 pm – Back to writing. Youngest keeps interrupting me and I just want to find him his own place.

4:15 pm – Another long writing stretch broken by Kyle needing me to take him to class. Thank goodness, it’s at a place only ten miles away.

4:45 pm – Traffic horrible. Drop Kyle off, watch him a little then head to my oldest’s to see the babies.

5:00 pm – Grandsons smile at me since they recognize me but it’s short lived as they want Mommy more.

6:00 pm – Leave older son’s place, head to pharmacy to get youngest one’s diabetic test strips. Need moisturizer so look for new brand since this one is breaking me out. Yeah, such a crappy thing at 52 too.

7:00 pm – Pull into driveway to hear the chorus, ‘what’s for dinner?’ more than once. I want stir-fry, they want sandwiches. I fix my own then watch the DH burn the pan I’m planning to do stir-fry in. He says it’s an accident but I think he put too much oil in it myself.

8:00 pm – Have to watch the DVR of Warehouse 13 premiere since I missed it for critique. Fantastic! Watch a couple of House Hunters as well then ready for my walk.

9:50 pm – Walk with DH and dog. Don’t know which is worse, the one who walks to fast or the one who wants to smell everything including the evil cat from next door’s butt.

10:20 pm – Back at my desk and realized I missed placing a call today. Yuck, have to kiss some ass tomorrow. Check email once again then start writing.

11:48 pm – Finishing this blog so I can post it before I go to bed. Wow...I’ve been up sixteen wonder I’m ready to drop. Sigh. I did manage to get 2K done today. Hope tomorrow is even better.

How does your day shape up? Anything special you all do besides work? How do you fit it all in?

See you tomorrow! Have a great day!



  1. Wow your over worked.

  2. Yeah, that's kinda what I thought too, Stacey.

    But at least it's the good kind. LOL!

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Did you notice that the Friday blog posted early on Thursday? I don't know what's happening with blogger but it's weird! LOL!


  3. I've decided I need a 48 hour day. I always have so much to do that sometimes I just look at it because I don't know here to start. I don't know how I'd manage if I had a husband and kids. Moms are amazing.

  4. I mean where to start. I need to proofread better.

  5. Well Lynn, I'm exhausted after reading your day. lol When my 7 kids were all little and home, I actually used to fall into bed only to wake two hours later with a crying baby. How I love my peace and quiet now. :)
    You are definitely over working but if it's with happy things and you're ok with it then just remember it's important to think of you sometimes.I have always told my daughters especially that emotional stress is far worse then physical stress.
    Carol L.

  6. She,

    I've always thought I've needed a 48 hour day. LOL!

    And you're right...moms are amazing.

    Thanks for stopping by!


  7. Carol, kids...I'm in awe. I always wanted more than two but it just didn't happen.

    You are so correct in saying that these things don't tax a mom if they love doing it. Most of the time I do and I let them know when I don't. LOL!

    Physical stress is so much more easier to deal with than emotional stress. It's easier for the body to heal than the mind.

    Thanks for stopping by!


  8. lol That's if you have a mind left. lol I had days where even a miracle wouldn't have saved my mind. :)
    Carol L.