Friday, August 6, 2010

This & That Friday

As you all know, today is the day where I put up links that I’ve received across my desk over the past week. Well, those links are extensive and I’ve had a running list for weeks. So this week, I’m trying something a little different. I am taking five to seven from the beginning of the list and the last five to seven from the end of the list as well.

Even with that modification, I’ll have more links than I’ll ever need for this blog day. There is so much which comes across my desk that I think you all might find interesting, it overflows the file I put it in. Right now, that file runs anywhere from four to eight pages. Big file, lots of news.

The biggest bit of news on this list is the fact that Dorchester is going e. Yes, you heard me right e first then print should sales be sufficient enough to go into print. That print book will be a trade size and won’t be released until about six months out at the earliest. This is great news for us already in e because that means we are actually being noticed for who we are. Hopefully, some of us can get in on this new publishing model if you aren’t already.

And I really have to apologize publically to Angela James yet again. I had heard about this last night from an agent friend of mine. I offered to go to the Dorchester authors I knew about it and got the answer that it was a rumor, not fact. Angela tweeted about it this morning and I wasn’t reading carefully enough as her information came from PW who had the breaking news. Okay, so I have hoof and mouth BUT I came from the perspective of Dorchester published authors, who were clueless. The article even states that the editors were just breaking it to those authors. What a difference an eight hour period can make.

I wouldn’t have a problem with this at all but some of those authors might. My heart goes out to them. I hope the transition goes well for them.

To Angela James, again I state I am sorry for my transgression. I really didn’t see the PW reference until you pointed it out. Damn Twitter for going so fast and me for not being about to keep up. Yes, I am groveling to an editor I want to submit to one day. Sigh. At least I know how to grovel. I think. LOL!

Here are your links for this week...enjoy!

Just a recap of the fast track for Harlequin Medical Romances.

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Some ROTFL response letters to agents.  

What if movie titles told the truth? Look what I found at Sci-Fi Wire, now called blastr...don’t ask me...LOL!

Intelligent sci-fi...imagine that...the best twelve of all time.

Another author’s view on why ebooks make readers big winners.  

One of the best articles I’ve seen on blogs in a while.

I so want to go to this party...again!

Interesting publicist.

Nice read about the phrase ‘not right for our list’ meaning.

Literal Videos:

Dorchester to move to ebooks only!

Interesting apology from people working in publishing industry.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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  1. I haven't had a chance to check the links yet but will come back to them later today. Thanks Lynn, I love when you post these links.
    Carol L.