Friday, August 20, 2010

This & That Friday

Glad to see you all back for another rousing This & That Friday!

Today’s links run the gamut of interesting writing tidbits, other industry news and some downright wacky things!

Now here’s the story behind the numbers and poll mentioned last week.  

Now we know that blogs are subject to shut down. Not that I don’t believe it was a good thing, I just think things could have been handled differently.  

Interesting article about your stuff.  

Things you never knew about Star Trek.  

Some great, sexy Scotsmen! Now go drool! LOL!  

Lots of great articles for the writer.  

An interesting ploy from Sourcebooks.

Article on ebook royalties.

Always love to hear anything from Jennifer Ashley.

Twitter to the rescue!

More interesting ebook news.

See you all next week for another This & That Friday!


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