Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Lynn Crain’s Christmas Extravaganza

We had a great first day at my yahoogroup XtraOrdinary Romance. So far, there have been ten winners. Everyone needs to drop by to get a chance at the rest of today’s loot. Here’s what’s happening there today:

9:00 am       Free eBook - An Elf's Desire
11:00 am     Free eBook - A Love For Eggther
1:00 pm       Free eBook - An Elf's Magic
3:00 pm       Gift Certificate from Borders books
4:00 pm       Free goodie bag stuffed full of goodies (Drawing)
10:00 pm     5 extra entries into the Cruz eReader drawing
11:00 pm      Surprise gift (Drawing)

Obviously, the 9 and 11 am drawing are already complete but there are six, count them, 6, more chances to get in on this fabulous giveaway contest. I promise to get this up earlier in tomorrow. To recap what’s going on:

I didn’t have a Santa’s Elf book this year and it made me very sad. I love Christmas so came up with this fantastic plan for a giveaway. Everyone loves to receive gifts...right? Looks like I wasn’t wrong at all. So far, I almost have 100 entries into to Cruz eReader giveaway. That rocks!

I’m giving various items away everyday this week with the last day being December 17...items like gift certificates, free ebooks, bags full of goodies with ornaments and more. Then on Christmas day...I will announce one lucky winner of that ereader...the Cruz Reader from Borders. You can check it out here:

And if that isn’t enough, the contest for the Cruz Reader is easy. Every time you comment in one of my groups, you get an entry. Winner of the Cruz Reader will chosen randomly from all entries on Christmas day, exact time to be announced. It’s that easy! Once the giveaway week is over, I’ll be at specific places, like Twitter, Blogspot and more, where you can get even more entries for the Cruz.

Have fun! And don’t forget to invite your buddies!

Here are the places you can join or follow to get entries for the contest:

My yahoogroup XtraOrdinary Romance and you really want to be here for the daily giveaways. You join here by sending an email to this address:


If that doesn’t work for the yahoogroup, just email me privately at lynncrain@cox.net and I’ll send you a private invite.

I’m on Twitter and I'll be honest, it's here you'll find me all the time as tweet night and day from anywhere:

@oddlynn3 or www.twitter.com/oddlynn3

I have this blog of course:


I’m on Facebook:


I have a YouTube Channel:


And if you need more than that...let me know...I’m sure I can find something else to sign up for so you can join me. LOL!

Here’s hoping that you all have a very happy holiday season filled with all your dreams and wishes. And if you want me to send you a Christmas card this holiday season, don’t forget to privately email me your snail mail address to lynncrain@cox.net.

So join in the festivities for the holiday. Don’t forget, I’ll be at XtraOrdinary Romance yahoogroup every day December 13 through December 17 with daily giveaways. Every time you visit, it will be another entry into the Cruz Reader drawing.

Thanks for giving me a wonderful year! I look forward to the next!



  1. your such an awesome lady your truelly an amazing person and author

  2. I'm honored to be invited to be a part of your followers. May your holiday be as sweet as yourself!

  3. I tried to email you at that address but it came back saying that "Remote host said: 554 delivery error: dd This user doesn't have a yahoo.com account (xtraordinaryromance-subscribe@yahoo.com) [0] - mta1259.mail.mud.yahoo.com"
    but I was able to find the yahoo group and requested to be a member that way. Hopefully it will work.

  4. Thanks much, SiNn!

    Glad you could stop by.


  5. Thanks, Denise.

    I'm honored you're here.

    Thanks for dropping by.


  6. I hope it works too, Jessica!

    If it doesn't, just email me at lynncrain@cox.net and I'll send you a private invite.

    Thanks for stopping by!


  7. I just have a few questions. you say 'Every time you comment in one of her groups, you get an entry' to win the Cruz. So does that mean that you can make comments on here and get a chance to win? you twitter? your facebook? your yahoo group? Any specific days that you can make the comments? Thanks for the giveaway!


  8. Jessica,

    Anywhere you make comments, another entry is tossed in the hat.

    I look at all the media, twitter, blogspot, yahoogroup and facebook almost daily and pluck the names off there to go into the spreadsheet. Each line has a unique number and at the end, a random number generator picks the winner.

    Hope that helps!