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The Haunting of Maggie Grey

Last night, I along with many others watched the tweets flow fast and heavy from EPICon during the awards ceremony. I couldn't be there and was on pins and needles waiting for the announcement of the Historical Erotic Romance, the category I was a finalist in. I was completely shocked and amazed at the announcement: I had won the award! Here's the speech I would have given had I been there:
If is reading this, I must have won this award. Just my luck that I've attended the last six years and the year I win, I couldn't attend. Family is important and I'm spending this weekend with my grandsons who turn one. Thanks go to my family and friends for being so patient and putting up with me over the years. A big thank you to eXtasy Books, especially Tina Haveman and Jay Austin, who allow me to write the stories I love. Also, thanks to EPIC for running the best damn eBook Contest ever! Hope to see you all next year!
I didn't know who would read it, so left it blank for the accepter to put in their name. LOL!
Here's an excerpt from my award winning Scottish historical book, The Haunting of Maggie Grey.

The Haunting of Maggie Grey

Available NOW at eXtasy Books!

Part of the Tarot Series


Maggie Grey had wanted to be a doctor all her life. She achieved her dream along with her husband, Justin. Together they planned to build a clinic on his ancestral home on the Isle of Skye in Scotland. But women doctors in the year 1882 didn’t have many options and even fewer if they were widowed like she had been recently. Arriving in England to visit Elizabeth Blackwell, founder of the London Medical School for Woman, she is discouraged to find that the only real health care on the remote Isle of Skye will be herself, a few aging doctors as well as veterinary doctors.

But she must build a clinic there to escape her memories and fulfill her late husband’s dream. Maggie goes by train and boat to the rather bleak Isle of Skye. The island is almost as barren as she feels and she isn’t sure if she can even fit in. Add the fact that her dead husband is haunting her with the request for her to fall in love again and she knows she’s losing her mind.

But the people of Skye need her…and she is determined not to let them down...but they are slow to accept a widowed woman doctor. Now if she were married again…that would be a different matter…and her dead husband, Justin, knows just the right man for the job, Conall MacGryman, his childhood friend and cousin, a veterinary for the island. Now all Justin has to do is to convince Maggie to give the man a chance so she can fall in love again…for both their sakes.


“Maggie,” the seductive whisper of her name brought her soft brown eyes to glance quickly at him. “Do not turn away from me, girl.” His hand curled completely around her head, filing his palm as if she were a small child, holding her where he wanted. He was so large and she was so small. Never had he felt like he held a fine piece of fragile porcelain. Winding his fingers into the silk of her hair, he slowly, he forced her to face him, gazing deeply in her brown eyes.

“I am going to kiss yeu now.”

He lowered his lips to hers, devouring her bottom lip in one swoop. Nibbling at the edges, he gained access to her mouth and groaned. Conall did not want to scare her off. But he needed her in the worst way and he was sure if she would just press herself against him, she would feel his hard shaft, would know his body wanted her much in the same way he was sure she wanted him. They had danced around each other for two months but the woman acted like a virgin instead of the widow he knew her to be. The deep red color of her hair should indicate her passion ran hot instead of the shyness she displayed with him on many occasions..

“Open up completely, girl,” he whispered even more seductively than the first time, as he softened his mouth to stroke against her soft lips. He was surprised when it took little prompting on his part to get her to open her mouth as his tongue slid in.

Neither of them was naive as to what happened between a man and a woman. He had wanted her from the moment he saw her at the train station in her widow’s robes. He’d know she’d suffered a great loss and knew he must bide his time until she was ready to give herself to him. The storm had provided the perfect situation for them to be together and if she was willing he was going to take full advantage of it.

He only prayed she felt the same about him as he did about her.

Thanks also go out to all the readers who have supported me over the years. I really do appreciate it!


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