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My Sexy Saturday ~ The View From Santa’s Sleigh ~ @oddlynn3 #MySexySaturday

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Here we are again with another My Sexy Saturday. This week I’d like to continue with my first elf book, The View From Santa’s Sleigh. Let’s join Tessa and Jedrick in front of a blazing fire in a place where the phrase ‘Baby it’s cold outside’ has a whole new meaning. This excerpt is from Chapter 2...enjoy!

            “No, I mean I really like you. Do you think there’s a spell that was put on me or something?”
she questioned, watching his stunned look. From his reaction, she seriously doubted she was under
an elven spell.
            “No, I don’t…elves do have their own special magic…we just usually only use it to make gifts. It
depends on what kind of elf you are.”
            Tessa smiled at him over the rim of her cup, vowing to herself to ask him about the other elves
at some point in the future. “Gifts, huh?” Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad after all. “I think that we established whose gift I  am…and I suppose you’re my gift since I asked to be loved…mmmm.” She took a big drink of the chocolate, hoping that she didn’t blow this. “We could see…well…you know. See how compatible we are.” She swallowed hard; this wasn’t as easy as she thought it would be. She’d always thought of herself as an assertive woman and now, with someone that she really wanted to impress and have sex with, she found herself almost tongue tied.
            “Okay…are you sure this is what you want to do?”
            Tessa watched him finger the rim of his cup…his long, tapered fingers caressed the mug
like it was the finest china…she knew she wanted those fingers on her. “Yeah…” she began nodding
her head vigorously, “this is definitely something that I’d like to try out.”
            “If you’re sure,” he murmured and reached for her cup, placing it beside his own on the coffee
table. “Why don’t you scoot closer?” he asked, reaching for her.
            The moment he touched her, the electricity fairly sizzled in the room. Slowly, he pulled her to sit in his lap. “I think we need to take this off.”

Here’s where you can purchase the this first book in the series, Santa’s Elves:

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