Saturday, July 13, 2013

My Sexy Saturday ~ The View from Santa's Sleigh ~ Chapter 10 ~ @oddlynn3 #MySexySaturday

Welcome to week seven of My Sexy Saturday. 

Everyone has their idea of sexy. It can be a look, a touch and with clothes on or off. Each week, authors will bring you their idea of sexy with seven words, seven sentences or seven paragraphs. Let the sevens begin!

Today I’m skipping ahead in the book quite a bit. This comes from Chapter 10 of  The View From Santa’s Sleigh. This book is the first in my Santa’s Elves series. The last book of the series is slated to come out I want to move the series along for week we’ll be starting book #2. To this point, Tessa and Jedrick have survived the family dinner, a trip to the office and a separation forced by Tessa to make sure she truly loves Jedrick. His answer is thrilling and sexy as they discover yet more about each other. Hope you enjoy this week’s excerpt!

            Jedrick took her in his arms. “Just because you’ll live in the North Pole doesn’t mean you can’t keep in contact with your friends. I would never do that to you.”
            Tessa pulled back and looked at him. “You wouldn’t?”
            “Never,” he whispered and caressed her head. “I want you to be happy. I love you too much to keep you totally isolated if you didn’t like it. Besides, we have email.”
            Tessa smiled and threw her arms around him. “I really do love you,” she said, raining kisses along his face and neck.
            “I have a bone to pick with you, though.” He looked at her fiercely for a moment, looking from Tessa’s face to Angie’s expectant one. “You told her?”
            “Jedrick, she’s my best friend, I had to because we’ve never had any secrets. I tell her everything.”

            You can purchase this book here at eXtasy Books.
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  1. Sweeeet excerpt;) Nice way to leave a reader hangin' *LOL*

    Thanks for sharing it, Lynn. Having a great time at the hop:)

  2. Hm, not sure I'd want to live at the North Pole, even with internet. Well, maybe for the right guy. ;-)

    This sounds like a sweet sexy story. Now back to Summer Camp!

  3. I know...I'm wicked...LOL! Glad you liked the excerpt, Kay Dee.

    Thanks for dropping by.


  4. Lyndi,

    Exactly Tessa's dilemma. It was 'the sweetest erotic romance' according to one reviewer.

    Thanks for stopping by...and yeah...I gotta get to Summer Camp myself. LOL!


  5. Another vote for sweet, Lynn!
    Loving the blog hop.
    H K

  6. I enjoyed reading more from The View From Santa's Sleigh. Makes me shiver!

  7. Such a sweet excerpt! But what does "everything" entail? I have all kinds of ideas here. :)

  8. Imagine how long the cabling would have to be to get internet at the North Pole. I love how cheeky these two are with each other :D Thank you for sharing this with us, Lynn :D

  9. Rose,

    Me too! It just got redone recently and I love it! Thanks for stopping by.

  10. H.K,

    Yup, this story just had to be told in sweet mode! Glad you dropped by and read my snippet.

  11. M.J.,

    Thanks! I appreciate that..thanks for dropping by!

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  13. Jessica,

    Well...maybe not that everything...LOL! Thanks for stopping by.

  14. Ellen,

    Yeah...not so sure wifi would work up there...LOL! I do know they have internet in most places in the far north...just never thought about the how.

    Thanks for dropping by and reading my snippet.

  15. Enjoyed your excerpt! Thanks for inviting me to take part in this hop! It's fun!