Saturday, June 7, 2014

My Sexy Captain's Chair ~ @oddlynn3 #Saturday7 #LynnCrain

Welcome to week 45 at My Sexy Saturday and this week has been fantastic. I’ve been on a writing jag with a whole new series that I will let everyone know about in the coming weeks. It’s something I think all of you will love. And believe it or not, I did this with the younger on in the house. It’s hard for two creative beings to occupy the same square footage, let me tell you.

This week it’s all about the chair. And for those of you who don’t understand that reference, let me explain it a little. I’m a die-hard Star Trek fan. I love, love, love it and there have been many captains who have occupied that chair. Each has been special but I don’t think that any have put it so eloquently as Admiral Christopher Pike in the last Star Trek movie released: I can't listen. You don't comply with the rules, you don't take responsibility for anything, and you don't respect the chair. You know why? Because you're not ready for it. Thus making it all about the chair.

I have written about the chair many times. I love the chair and most of the time respect the hell out of it. The chair is just the symbol of everything it takes to be a Captain or an Admiral or in charge of a rag-tag group of survivors as Admiral Adama did with a battlestar. This week, I’m going to share a little bit with you of one of those adventures where it’s all about the chair.

This week we’re going into the word of Captain Bekka Taylor who only wanted three things to make her life perfect. The first one, Command of a Warrior Class Star Marauder, makes it all about the chair. Come along on part of her journey as she meets Lieutenant Javed Malik, who is clearly younger than she, with dreamy eyes and a secret meant only for her. But letting him in means getting rid of years of frustration and anguish and maybe that chair she wants so much.

This book is the second book in the Orchid Series about a group of people trying to make sure robots don’t take over the universe. Their leader, Fallon Montgomery, is at the heart of it all and her story Fluke will be highlighted a different time. Bekka’s tale, More Than Robotics, mixes sci-fi with lots of battles and awesome technology. Get your copy today! And enjoy this sexy 7.

In less than the blink of an eye, he was again by my side, pulling me up from my chair, his hands taking my face to gaze in my eyes. “Don’t struggle,” he whispered close to my ear. “I think we have prying eyes.” His lips came down fiercely on mine, his tongue snaking in to dominate me and I wanted to do the very thing he asked that I not do. Instead I tried to let myself enjoy the moment as it had been quite some time since I had had this type of human contact.
My hands gripped his waist and pulled him even closer to me. I could feel his legs press harder into me as his arms went completely around me. Within moments, I could feel the hard bulge of his body and mine responded in kind. There was nothing more I wanted to do except rip his clothes off that luscious male form.
He pulled away from me and shuddered, resting his forehead against mine. “We should really stop right now.” His brown eyes looked deep into mine and I nearly passed out as his next words flashed across my consciousness. You are an amazing woman and rest assured, we will finish this.
The last bit had exploded across my brain and I raised a shaky hand to rub my forehead. It was as if he were right inside me, whispering his thoughts.
Don’t fight it. Let it happen. The clonedroids helped us to perfect one of their technologies for our use. This is the major way they communicate between each other. You are now the proud owner of some audiobotic nanotechnology. They attach to your nerves for hearing and other pertinent areas of your brain associated with the function. From now on, we’ll be able to communicate this way as we are attuned only to each other. No one else is on this frequency.
I glanced quickly toward the camera I knew Trevor had poised on us. You realize that Trevor was the only one spying on us, don’t you?
A slow lazy smile crossed his face and he gently caressed my cheek. That’s what you think. The other ability that we’ve been given is you will actually sense when someone is a clonedroid. It’s an ability they have as well as they can immediately tell who is clonedroid or who is human. Fallon 2 has been so helpful in our development of these abilities.

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