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Our Sexy Life ~ @oddlynn3 #MySexySaturday #LynnCrain

Welcome to week 56 at My Sexy Saturday and this week all about what happens after the end is written. I had to really think about this because I wasn’t sure I had anything about characters once I said the end. Then I remembered my wonderful Santa’s Elves series. This series is basically a family saga that starts when a Bostonian socialite falls in love with one of Santa’s Elves. The thing is you never see the original couples’ story except through snippets in the other books.

It is a wonderful story that starts with Santa and a sleigh. It’s all about the original couples six children and how they fall in love. Each of their children are very different and therefore has a very different love story.

This week has actually been very pleasant and it seems as if fall has started. We’ve have a few showers but nothing like the deluge of last wee. Pup Harry is a happier dog with the humidity being lowered. He’s full of energy and it makes me want to bottle it so I can be a millionaire!

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The book that I’m giving you the snippet from is An Elf’s Desire though the passage is about more about the parents of this family of elves than the couple, Fearghus and  Aingeal, in this book. What I want to show is that my original couple, Janice and Bevan, are still happy after nearly 30 years of being in love. The series has been so fun to right and I’m glad I did even though I have at least 3 books left in the series. It's about time I got back to it. There are a lot of scenes in Scotland where the elves ancestral home is. You can get it here at eXtasy Books. Happy reading!

Then the fun part had started. Gathering every bit of data on the Locklin family that he could find, he could see problems from the start. Bevan Locklin had married the human Janice Paine and they had met over thirty years ago. He had found out she left a very prominent family in Boston to come here to the North Pole. The why would have to be explored later as there wasn’t much in the elven record.
The Locklins were very prolific and had six children during the course of their marriage. Fearghus didn’t care that they supposedly loved each other. Sipping on his second whiskey of the afternoon, sometimes that shouldn’t even enter the equation, as he well knew. For their children to have so much latent sexual energy meant it had to come from somewhere. And that somewhere always started with the parents.
Spinning on the bar stool, he turned to look out over the crowd, spying Janice Locklin. The woman was in her fifties and as beautiful as the pictures he had dug up from before her marriage. He could see where Aingeal had gotten her good looks and tall stature. He watched her a few more moments realizing that she would be the one he had to convince why he needed to take her daughter back to Scotland. There was no way he could do his research nor cap Aingeal’s sexual energy if he were here. Here wasn’t safe.
Sure, Santa had managed to keep them all out of the public eye, but things could change quickly. Still, the old man wasn’t an elf. He was something different, something no one had ever been able to put a title on. But the council had a profound respect for him and demanded all elvenkind show him the same respect.
“Mind telling me what your business is here, Fearghus?”
He was brought out of his thoughts by the very man he speculated about. “Kris.”
Santa placed his hand on the bar and leaned in. “I’d rather you call me Santa.”
He frowned at the old man. The council had been very specific in their instructions. The man was the ruler of his realm and he was to do anything and everything the old man said. “Yes, sir, Santa.”

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  1. Now I must find out what Santa really is. Great snip for #MSS56.

  2. Awesome! What an intriguing concept. :)