Tuesday, April 14, 2015

My So-Called Writing Life ~ @oddlynn3 #LynnCrain #MyWritingLife #amwriting #MSSAuthors

Ever have a morning where you just wanted to pull the sheets over your head and say to hell with it? Yeah, yesterday and today were those mornings. And it’s all because of allergies. Which reminds me of last week where I said all life was connected. This is true and no more true than in the spring time.
Many people are allergy sufferers and it used to be that I’d never count myself among them. It wasn’t until I was over forty that the allergies hit me full force. Only then did I realize just how much my brother had been affected all our lives. He suffered from horrible allergies from a very young age and I never understood the big deal.
When I started to suffer from them I asked him if this was what he was feeling and he told me honestly he’d felt that way every day of his life. See, when you live in some place like Nevada, the seasons aren’t very well delineated and that means there is something growing all year long. So, all year long, allergy sufferers have a hard time. It was only when he moved to Idaho, a place with four distinct season, did he feel better.
I was even luckier because when we moved to Austria, it took me three years before they came back full force. The first years I only maybe had a couple of days to a full week of symptoms. Most of the time, I didn’t even have to take any meds at all. This year, that all went away as a month ago, I started feeling the effects but hoped it was something different. About two weeks ago, I started with the nose bleeds that are so typical from sinus allergy sufferers. I was extremely happy that I had my nasal medicine.
Then yesterday, came the rest of the symptoms. All I wanted to do was stay in bed and sleep. At home, it would take me up to three weeks to get out of this mode. During this time, I feel lucky to be able to function at all. My mind is groggy and life is hazy just like the smog hanging over Vegas in the winter time. I guess it actually happens more often now. At any rate, even with meds, I just want to curl up and not do a thing.
As you can imagine, this makes writing difficult. Damn difficult and makes me wonder if I’ve picked the wrong profession. Sure, since I do write so much, it’s not going to hurt for me to miss a week or two. But if one is not careful, a writer can get out of the habit of writing every day. And that is even when you’re as passionate about writing as I am. I live, eat, sleep and breathe writing. I couldn’t live if I couldn’t write. Yes, it means that much to me.
So, to keep me going during these hard allergy times, I do other things to keep my mental juices flowing. If I take to bed, I’ll lay there watching TV with a notebook in hand to jot down anything I might be able to use. I’ll read and just file things mentally away if something creates a spark in my mind. I never just do nothing.
Sure, there are times where I’ll just sleep because nothing else is working. Matter-of-fact, I feel a nap coming on today…but the point is…that I will do something that directly relates to my writing. Right now, if I can manage to sit up I will work on some of the classes I’m taking. Yes, I take classes, lots of them and I try to make sure I keep up with them.
I take writing classes, like now I’m taking one on how to create a language, to marketing and more. Writers need to be life-long learners because that makes our writing fresh and open to change. Now I’m not saying that writers need to change but we need to understand the market and how it works. Sometimes, that will require a change in how we look at things and occasionally how we write.
So, for now, I’m going back into my writing cave and try to do some research because maybe in my allergy induced haze, I can make something of the ideas that flow through my head. It’s my hope I’ve related just a bit of what it means to be a full time writer. Until next week…


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