Monday, June 8, 2015

Monday’s Austria Scoop ~ @oddlynn3 #LynnCrain #AWriterInVienna #PCers #BYNR

Hi Everyone!

Yeah…I’m late…but when the weather has been enjoyable and there’s not much going on, what can I say? LOL!
Really, it has been nice with no rain even though the days are humid and humidity does not get along with me. I tend to have headache, sweat constantly and generally want to hole up in my office watching something on my computer, writing or even reading. Imagine that.
And there were quite a few days where the sun was bright but I stayed inside with the air on. Then I discovered Penny Dreadful on Netflix. That and the fact that it’s not available in the States. I even had a chat with them because I thought something was horribly wrong.
See, many times I log in remotely to a computer at home so that I can see a handful of TV shows I like. I will also watch Netflix then as well. I can’t do it very often as it really bogs down my internet, so I try to pick one day a week for using the State side computing power. I have to get in everything possible in a few hours then I’m back to being here in Austria.
Where we watch hardly any TV. MOF, I’ve been wondering just why we even have cable. When I’m at home, I load up on purchases at Amazon of movies, shows and more then I watch them at my leisure in my flat. So, imagine my surprise when I discovered Netflix is here in Austria and in English.
What is absolutely amazing is that the shows are so different. I mean, I have a lot of the BBC shows that aren’t available at home except on cable or by purchase. That means, I get to watch Penny Dreadful for free over here on Netflix. That and a whole lot more. I’ll let you know the amazing things I find when I catch up with this wonderful Victorian paranormal. It’s just right up my alley.

This week I have three lovely pictures for you. The first, at the top, is of Pup Harry in my living room on an oriental rug I purchased at the local flea market. It was deeply discounted and had all the tags on it so we can track the provenance. It will need some cleaning when we get home but it was an excellent purchase.
The next is one of Pup Harry in his travel bag. We couldn’t find him one day last month and when we did, we were amazed. He’d crawled in the bag and it’s a wonder he didn’t pull it off the chair. We’re figuring that he’s telling us we need to go on a trip sometime soon. I know that I’ll be going on one next month without the boys. Yeah, me.
The last one is of a statue in front of Karlskirche or Karl’s Church. Sometime this last winter, we rounded the corner and noticed that the front of the church got tagged with yellow graffiti. It took them a while to get all back in order.
Hope you enjoyed this little look into Austria and beyond. See you all next week!


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