Monday, February 15, 2016

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Hi Everyone!

This week has been full of packing and getting ready for us to have visitors. Yes, while we’re packing, we’re getting one last set of people to come see us here. And I do love visitors especially when showing them the beauty of the city. This time we are hosting my DH’s brother and our nephew. We hope to show them why we like this city so much.

Vienna is a lovely city, steeped in history and still making a change in today’s world. It has been the host to many of the current peace talks and more summits regarding the governing of our home lands. Hardly a week has gone this past year when there hasn’t been an American dignitary in the city brokering some deal. Even the Iranian nuclear deal was done here and today, the Syrian issues is being discussed.

But the Vienna of the past is what really interests me. That doesn’t include the recent past, meaning WWII, mainly because I don’t write in that era at all and I’m interested in it for different reasons, some of which I may address in a later post. To be honest, I don’t really write in the historical era either but I do have a liking of all things Victorian and I might as well soak up that atmosphere while I’m here. We’ll be visiting some of those type places today as we go to the Sigmund Freud museum and various other places in Vienna. Yesterday, we did a long hike that I’m still reeling from…LOL!

Our weather in the past week has been the normal winter gloom. I’m sorry to say that makes me happy as I don’t like the weird weather but it is still unseasonably hot. We’ve had only one day where it dipped into the 30s though we’ve had several days where the wind chill has been dreadful. And the Austrian portion of the Alps now has snow. This is a good thing for all those skiers around.

We’ve also had some fog again. I’m sorry for the picture quality but I really wanted to show everyone just how dense it was. The fog was so dense, you really couldn’t tell it was day at all. Many days, this will have burned off by noon but not this one. The picture was taken from the foot of Stephansdom, looking up toward the steeple. This is something that you can normally see and it’s always interesting when you suddenly can’t. Yes, the steeple and much of the top of the cathedral has been hidden from view because of the dense fog. I’ve seen it a few times with the only other time where it was denser was when we returned home from a trip in October 2013.

Top of Stephandoms shrouded in fog
The second picture I’m showing you is of a mountain within an hour of Vienna called Schneeberg, which is the tallest mountain in the southern Austrian Alps. It was taken in September 2014 when we went there. The only way up to the top is by cog train. The place is closed in the winter due to the snow. From what we understand, there was less than a foot accumulated by January 1 when there should have been at least 2 feet. This year, there has been very little snow and the winds have been kicking around what snow there is. The last picture is of the same kirche as the previous one. It’s from a website that Schneeberg has set up to show the world it’s small mountain. For more pictures of the Austrian southern Alps, go to

Slightly side view of Elisabeth Kirche in late September, 2014
Front view of Elisabeth Kirche February 15, 2016
I’m showing you both pictures because I wanted you to see the weather difference when compared to our first years here. Then it was more of what’s known as a classic Vienna winter. This year has been anything but classic. However, it has allowed us more moveability where we’re not just confined to indoor venues. Last winter, we would have never been able to do the walk from Kahlenburg to Nussdorf like we did yesterday. We’ve been sliding down instead of the slow, easy pace we took.

Tomorrow, we’ll be going to the UN and seeing Schonbrunn for one last visit. While I can’t wait to get home, it sure will be hard to leave this city with it’s wonderful history behind. That’s about it for this rendition of A Writer in Vienna or commonly known as Monday’s Austria Scoop.

Hope you enjoyed this little look into Austria and beyond. See you all next week!


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