Saturday, December 3, 2016

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Welcome to Week 169 at My Sexy Saturday and thanks for being here with me. The holiday season has arrived and with it all the wonderful Christmas stories that make readers happy. I know I love the season and recently we experienced our first snow in New Mexico. It was a wonderful sight.

This week the theme is My Sexy Dreamer and there is nothing more sexy than time travel. I love time travel and have a series just for it called the Time Travel Bureau. It has agents that go out and make sure no one is messing with time as we know it. It’s fun and wonderful and exclusively available in the anthologies I do with the World Romance Writers. The first single in the series, Sealed With A Kiss, will be released next month. Today, I’m talking about the second in the series, Her Magical Vienna Christmas, that was just published on December 1. It is in the Holiday Magic anthology and it’s available at all major ebook venues. Don’t forget to get your copy today! Here’s the setup:

Cryptographer Elizabeth “Lizzie” Camden is more in tune with numbers, cyphers and puzzles than she is with the real world. When her job takes her back in time to 1874 Vienna, she’s more than surprised to find Michael Sondervan there as well. She hadn’t seen him since college when he broke her heart.

Michael has always regretted the way things turned out between him and Lizzie. When he needs someone to figure out the cryptic warning, he knows he needs the best. And Lizzie is the best. Giving her a magical Vienna Christmas in the bargain, he hopes will bring them together and prove his love to the only woman for him.

I loved writing about Lizzie and Michael as the rediscover their love for each other, for history and the life they plan to have. Vienna is a wonderful place to write about and I love revisiting it again and again. Here’s my seven paragraphs from this wonderful story:

Lizzie snuggled deeper into the warmth of the bed. She hadn’t slept so well in years. It was quiet as the palace was set back from the street and its noise. Stretching, she squeezed her eyes shut for another quick minute. When she opened them, she jumped as Michael sat in the chair by the window.
“How long have you been there?” Her voice was raspy, all sexy and low.
He arched a brow and chuckled. “Long enough.”
She pulled the covers up to her chin. “I’m not sure it’s fine for you to be in here. Aren’t we supposed to be maintaining some sort of decorum according to the time we’re in?”
“What’s wrong, Lizzie? Afraid I’ll see something I haven’t before?” He clasped his hands, eyes gleaming. “Or is it that you want something more?”
Hell, she hadn’t been here even two days and he was filling her head with innuendo and thoughts of sex. Taking a deep breath, she examined him from head to toe. Two could play this game. He was dressed in a light heather gray suit. It hugged him in all the right places and if he’d just stand up… “What did you have in mind?” she purred, pushing the covers out of the way to start crawling over them toward him.
Surprised, he moved further back in the chair, his eyes wide. “Don’t play with me. I’m not the guy you shoved out of our apartment anymore.”

This anthology is available now and along with my great story, you’ll be getting four other wonderful Christmas heart warmers.

Also, check out eXtasy Books, my traditional epublisher, who is having a sale on my books, many at just $0.99. The link will take you directly to my books. They have also bundled the first five of my Santa’s Elves stories as well and it is on sale at nearly half off. WooHoo…just in time for Christmas.

Don’t forget to check out the other My Sexy Saturday authors. They are all sharing great snippets from their books and they are hot, sexy plus well-worth the read.

Have a great weekend...see you next week!



  1. Great snippet! I can understand why you enjoy writing for them.

  2. I love how she turns the tables on him. Great teaser!