Sunday, April 1, 2018

Mystic Realms Author - Tina Donahue - #MysticRealms #TinaDonahue #JustTellMeWhatYouWant

Logline: Her wishes will leave him breathless…

Blurb: Ranson, an out-of-work genie, subsists on gig jobs through an employment agency catering to elite clients. Alexandra Prescott, his newest mistress, is surprised at how tall, virile, and luscious, he is. A real hottie and no pushover. He insists she treat him with respect, not merely as a service she’s rented. She’s game and wants to get to know this bad boy during heated days and wicked nights. They fall hard and fast, but in order to secure their future, there’s one last, nearly impossible hurdle they have to face…

Available for pre-order NOW! Release date: April 10, 2018

What was the one thing you like most about this story?

I like this story because it turns the genie trope on its head. Ranson, my hero, is a genie for hire (through a paranormal employment agency) when he meets the feisty heroine, his new mistress. Her wishes will leave him breathless!