Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday's The Day

Well...I've come to a decision this past it's a good decision, so no one needs to worry about me doing something crazy. I have decided that Friday is the main day that I'll be posting on this blog. I'll probably do it more, but Friday is definitely the day you all can expect me. On this day, I will tell you what I'm working on and when my books are coming out. I will probably through out a passage or two to get some input from you, my readers. So this week, I'm pushing my next Christmas story, An Elf's Magic. You know the cover that you've been looking at for a's that one! LOL! This is the story of Lacey Sinclair and Cuinn Locklin. He's the the fourth sibling of six. Unfortunately, he's used his magic to do something he shouldn't have and the consequences aren't good. Here's an unedited excerpt: “Coming through, coming through,” Eggther pushed his way through the dancing couples, stopping to stand next to Cuinn. “Eggther thinks you’ve found a very pretty woman.” Looking down at the small elf, he smiled. “I think she found me, Eggther. What’s going on?” “Aingeal and Fearghus want to cut the cake. Eggther needs to let cook know it’s time.” He shuffled off in the general direction of the cake, continuing to weave in and out of the other couples on the dance floor. “Is he always like that?” Lacey turned her head to watch the little guy rapidly move away. His attention was pulled back to the woman in his arms. “No, he’s usually worse.” She laughed softly. “I think I like your home. It’s pretty outstanding here.” Frowning he watched her for a moment wondering why anyone would like it in this frigid environment. True, Santa had made it a paradise for those who lived here but step one inch out of the loinnir and the winterscape was certainly scary. “Why do you like it here?” “Why wouldn’t I? I mean you have everything you could ever want. A nice family, a wonderful community, people who care about you. I would say that’s pretty nice.” She looked away and her eyes took on a sad yet dreamy look. Suddenly, he saw her in a different light. “I suppose it’s nice when you look at it that way. I never really thought about it before. It’s always been just where I grew up.” She turned back and smiled wryly at him. “When you have it all, you don’t think about it.” “You’re alone.” It was a statement. He remembered now when he was introduced to her. He remembered the party and how his rich Boston cousin took her around as if she were a project or something. It had made him very angry at the time with them having an argument the next day about it. Looking around the room, he caught a look from his father. And he knew that look. “Yes and no. I mean I have my grandparents but my parents died when I was twelve. The only way I was ever going to be able to go to college was to get every scholarship possible. Even now I have to work to even make ends meet.” She smiled sadly up at him. “Some people have called me focused.” “I’m sorry.” He could see the sorrow in her eyes and wished that he could take it away even if it were only for a moment. “What do you have to be sorry for? I mean, it’s not like any of it was your fault or anything.” “No but this will be.” He tapped her forehead between her eyes. “Remember me,” he whispered and gently kissed her before her eyes closed. Hope you like that look into the world of Santa's Elves. See you next week! Lynn

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