Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Looking 2 The Future

Welcome to Tuesday and my input for the day. Notice the 2 instead of the word to...yes...in many ways I’ll be going totally digital. I believe I told you all about the new phone I’ve gotten, which is the most kick-ass item I’ve had in a long time. Once I get Twitter loaded on it, I will start using it almost exclusively for those posts with very little time on this computer. And since I’ve learned to abbreviate things to the max, I might just use it here. LOL!

What does that mean for this blog? Not much. The blog and most everything will stay the same but what will happen is that I will be doing business here first thing in the morning and then go to a non-internet computer to do my writing. IMHO, I am on this machine way too much and it does take a lot away from my writing time. And right now, I’m behind on my personal word count. But mail always has to be answered from this very spot as this is where my Outlook resides, another program I just can’t do without.

True, August is a happening place around here with the DH being gone and me helping the youngest get ready for college. This is a first for me because the oldest took a totally different route since he really didn’t know what he wanted to do. He took one semester in college then decided it wasn’t for him. He continued to do roofing with my brother then one day woke up and decided he wanted to do something else. Freaked out me and my brother immensely but he knew himself. For a while, he did sales and then got the offer of a lifetime for him. The Surveyors union was looking for apprentices and one of his high school buddy’s Dad who owned a surveying company asked him to apply.

That one phone call took him on a journey he’s loved. The union paid for all his training resulting in a AA in Surveying and continues to pay for his classes. Even though the job market in the Las Vegas area is way down, he knows he’ll find work as he was the Apprentice of the Year as well as one of the two graduate surveyors to pass the national certification from his class. I think he hopes one day to teach the trade but doesn’t know when that will or can happen.

Now the younger one has a completely different path charted out for himself. Along the way through high school he discovered math then physics. Heaven help me but he wants to be a physicist. I hate physics but love Math where as my DH loves physics but could take or leave math. He has declared his major as Physics and we’ll find out on Thursday just what classes they are going to put him in for the first semester. I think he’s looking forward to the adventure with a lot of trepidation. He’s never been a real go-getter and tends to be very shy when with new people. College will be good for him but a bit traumatic at times I’m sure. We’ll see.

As for myself, I want to take some classes this year but have decided that the MFA at the local college isn’t the one for me. Unless I want to do a Gaelic translation of something. LOL! The interesting thing about the program is it has an international component to the offerings. Students can actually go into the Peace Corp and use that experience to get some class credit. But I’m a genre writer and will need to find a different program to actually look into before I commit.

The only class I know I’ll be taking so far is one for my phone. Yup, can you believe it? Verizon actually has a free class in regards to this phone I just purchased. The Droid is very cool and I hope to get really savvy at it so I can show off in a variety of places. LOL!

What all are you guys doing to prepare for the coming school year? Do any of you have children that need to get ready? And how about yourselves...any of you considering classes to take?

I’d be really interested in knowing what you all are thinking about during this very eventful part of the year. See you all tomorrow for Wednesday’s Classroom!


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