Monday, August 16, 2010

It’s Monday...again!

Heavens! It’s Monday again and already, I’m having a week. The youngest and two of my animals are ill today, which means survival is the key. LOL!

Now, the youngest, I can understand as he’s diabetic and gets frequent mornings where he’s not functioning well. Most of the time, these incidents are over by the middle of the day and he’s perfectly capable of functioning normal on his own by early afternoon.

The cat and dog who are ill are another matter. Now I have to figure out why and as we all know, animals are hard. I am just so hoping they will be feeling much better soon. Especially because they nip and fight each other constantly when they are in a bad mood. This makes my day even more tense.

Of course, all of this always happens when the DH is off on one of his trips. It never fails. When he’s home, everyone is always well, happy and generally get along. I don’t know what it is but the kids disagree, the animals are ill and I got hives. Lots of stress on all fronts if you ask me. LOL!

So today, I took off and just slounged around the house after my shower. I finished a book I was reading and started a new one. Is there no better way to get back into the swing of things except by reading? I love reading almost as much as I love creating these new and different worlds. Both are necessary to me.

I was recently asked what I had in my bookshelves and I had to laugh. In the bookshelves, I only put books where I would read again or those used as reference. The question to ask me would be ‘How high is your to be read pile?’ or something of that nature. That pile is huge and many times I will get after the cats as they knock it down. Then I have to reorganize the books in their relative position, usually by when I purchased it.

I don’t pick and choose from the stack, I actually read or attempt to read every book in that pile. Sure, there have been some real stinkers but most of all every book in that stack is enjoyable. And just because an author has a stinker, it doesn’t mean I won’t ever purchase something by that author. What it means, is that I will be a little more cautious than normal when picking up their next book.

Some are automatic adds. I can just see an author’s name and know I need to get that book to put into my TBR pile. On the flip side, there are others which I will never read again. Mainly those are books which have heroines that are TSTL. In all my years of reading, there has only been one author in this category which I gave a second chance and purchased another book. The second book was not as bad as the first but the author did not get on my automatic buy list.

So, how do you all add books to your TBR pile? Are they ones you’ve chosen yourself or recommended by others? Let me know and I’ll give you more entries.

See you all tomorrow!


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