Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Working Sunday

Well, today has turned out to be a working Sunday. Most of the time, I reserve Sunday for reading or lazing about. Not so today. Today I have to edit and prep manuscripts for submission. I actually feel lucky to do this. Not many people work in a job they love.

For years, my husband was the only person who loved their jobs. I mean what’s not to love...LOL! My DH works outside of the country a lot and has visited some very beautiful places in the world. Right now, he’s in Vienna and I’m extremely jealous. I was supposed to be on this trip and am quite sad. But there was no way I would pay over $1000 for a ticket and that was the crux of the problem. Tickets were expensive and I couldn’t bring myself to pay that much as I’ve never paid more than $500 to go overseas. Even my DH had trouble with his tickets, as he wanted a specific airline, which cost too much for even the government. LOL!

Which brings me right back to being here, at home and preparing to do things I don’t normally want to do. Sigh. There are days I love editing and there are those times where I hate it. Right now, I’m in a hate mode so I just want to get it all done. It will probably take me better than a week to get it all together and sent off. Then again, maybe I’ll surprise myself as I have some other stories I need to finish pronto.

How many of you put off items that you really need to do? Sometimes I do and most times, I don’t. There are a few times where I’ve just been pigheaded and didn’t want to do anything. I would much rather play with my new phone or surf the internet or who knows? LOL!

Yeah, that’s right...I now have a phone, which sounds like a cylon...and it’s so very, very cool. My youngest got one too but he’s not sure what to think of it. Well, the first thing I did was download Google Sky Map so that I can look at the stars and know what one I am looking at in the sky. Next, I got a bunch of games, registered my QuickOffice so I can write ideas and my stories there. After this, I slowed down a bit since I felt I would overwhelm the poor thing.

I have yet to decide what ebook reader I’m going to download. You heard me...I get to choose between the Kindle reader or the Nook reader or I think anything I want...yeah! This phone will be my first true ebook reader. I’ve had a Pocket PC before but it was hard to sync and load all the stories on it. And to be honest, I really loved Microsoft’s Lit Reader as far as software. The library feature was fantastic and to this day, I had it on my computer and have tons of ebooks in that format.

I am still shooting for an iPad and can’t wait to get one very soon.

What is your favorite format for reading ebooks? How do you purchase those ebooks...straight from the publisher or a third party distributor? Again, more entries for those who answer!

See you all tomorrow!


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  1. I read mostly .pdf format (on my macbook) & .rtf on my eBookwise reader. I get my ebooks from both publisher & ebook retail sites (i.e. All Romance ebooks, Fictionwise, MBAM).