Saturday, August 10, 2013

My Sexy Saturday ~ The Thing About Elves ~ @oddlynn3 #MSSWeek11

Welcome to the eleventh week of My Sexy Saturday.

We all know everyone has their idea of sexy. A look, a touch, with clothes on or off, it doesn’t matter. Each week, authors will bring you their idea of sexy with seven words, seven sentences or seven paragraphs. I’m from Nevada and sevens are always so lucky!

This week we’re in book 2 of my Santa’s Elves series, The Thing About Elves. Ardan has taken Angie home, and is now seducing her ever so gently. Here’s my sexy seven from when they consummate their love. Enjoy!

She couldn’t even rouse herself out of the daze her orgasm had caused when she felt a burning sensation spread through her loins. Gasping, she spread herself even wider. The man was huge and filled her completely. Never before had she felt this full, this whole. Ardan didn’t move for a few moments.
“I’m sorry,” he whispered.
Angie opened wide eyes to him. “Whatever for?”
“I’ve hurt you.”
“You’ve filled me,” she stated and reached for his face. “And that will never hurt.”
Color began to swirl in the depths of his eyes and she knew it was magic. Gradually, he began to move and the colors that she had seen began to swirl around them. Soon, they were dancing around them, embracing them like a galaxy out of control. Angie opened herself more to him, allowing him greater access and depth. Soon, she panted as much as he while watching the colors flow round and through them. His cock did a slow dance inside her, making her feel even different than before.
“Beautiful,” she breathed, “and magical.”

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  1. Vera, vera hot scene, Lynn:) Magical:)

  2. Very descriptive AND magical!

  3. A very sexy snippet! Thanks for hosting My Sexy Saturday every week! :)

  4. Thanks, Kay Dee...I was hoping people would think it was hot!

  5. Thanks for stopping by, Dakota...good to know I hit the mark.

  6. Jessica,

    This is one of my favorite snippets. Thanks for stopping by!