Saturday, August 17, 2013

My Sexy Saturday ~ The Thing About Elves ~ @oddlynn3 #MSSWeek12

Welcome to the twelfth week of My Sexy Saturday.

Everyone has their idea of sexy. A look, a touch, clothes on or off, it doesn’t matter. At My Sexy Saturday, authors will bring you their idea of sexy with seven words, seven sentences or seven paragraphs every week. And it’s all about the 7s…seven words, seven sentences or seven paragraphs. I’m a longer is better kind of gal…so I’m in for the seven paragraphs this week. Or rather, I should say…again…but I’m from Nevada and sevens are always so lucky! The more you get them, the better is is…LOL!

This week we’re in book 2 of my Santa’s Elves series, The Thing About Elves. Ardan has made love to Angie, and wonders if he’s made a mistake. I know just from the way he looks at her, she’s the one for him. He’s just a little slow to see it. Here’s my sexy seven from the morning after. Enjoy!

My god, what have I done? Lying in bed, wrapped around the woman he had made glorious love to for most of the night, Ardan doubted his wisdom. This would be worse than before. This time there had been magic…strong elven magic…whereas last time it had been weak, almost nonexistent. This was different and he knew it. This was something he could never forget. He vaguely remembered thinking that last night as he carried her to his bed.
Trying to move slightly, he was surprised that Angie moved closer and snuggled into him even more. Pulling back the covers, he decided the least he could do was inspect his prize. Last night he had been too wrapped up in the sex to appreciate her body. He was amazed. Skin like alabaster, he noted and then he marveled that while she was tiny, her limbs appeared long and lean. Luscious globes with mauve aureoles lay across her chest. He would definitely have to pay more attention to those today.
Reaching down, he gently caressed the curve of one breast, swirling a finger around its peak. As if feeling his adoration, the aureole tightened in response and his hand slipped lower. He breathed quickly, watching her body react to him. His sharp intake of breath threatened to rouse her and he didn’t want that to happen just yet. He wanted to admire her for just a little longer.
Turning her gently away from him, he rolled her completely to her back. The tiny thatch in the v at the top of her legs was trimmed and neat. Her belly had the gentle swell of womanhood, not the flatness that so many women tried to achieve. But his eyes were soon drawn to her face, with the pouty mouth, finely arched brows and high cheekbones. He knew that under those closed eyelids lay the most impressive violet eyes he had ever seen and they were natural. And he was sure he had seen the magic reflected in them last night.
Slipping his arm under her upper body, he began to gently caress her face. “Angie. Angie, wake up.”
While he wasn’t sure that this was going to last forever, he’d make damn sure he took advantage of the situation as long as he could.
* * * *
            The dream was beautiful and she didn’t want to wake up. Ardan held her in his arms and told her that….

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  1. Oh, now I'm curious as to what he told her in her dream, and what he's going to say in real life. Great excerpt! :)

  2. Tease...that's what you are. I, too, want to know what she was dreaming about.


  3. I'm curious as well as the others. :-) More!