Saturday, September 14, 2013

My Sexy Saturday ~ The Thing About Elves ~ @oddlynn3 #MSSWeek16 #LynnCrain

Welcome to the 16th week of My Sexy Saturday.

My Sexy Saturday is a weekly blog hop where authors share sexy bits of their books with 7 words, 7 sentences or 7 paragraphs. Each week we entertain readers via our individual weekly blog posts, through tweeting our sexy tweets along with Facebook notices as you read the words, snippets and excerpts posted. This is for our readers as we value and appreciate each one of you.

We’re still in book 2 of my Santa’s Elves series, The Thing About Elves. Ardan knows he’s in love with Angie but doesn’t want to admit it to himself yet much less her. In this scene, he states the ancient ritual of Nor’ahkeem where elves seal their bond to their mate with the use of magic. Enjoy!

“I’m going to do this right, no matter what I’m feeling,” he ground out and pushed her completely to her back into the soft pillows on the bed. Slowly, he slid back down her body till he was even with her stomach. Briefly, he laid his head there and breathed in deeply. “Do you know that the smell of your sex is driving me almost insane? If I don’t have you soon, I don’t know what will happen.”
Leisurely, as if he had never made that last comment, he spread the lips of her labia to expose her clit and the soft piece of flesh covering it. Leaning down, he tongued her gently, rolling the hard nub between his teeth, his mouth firmly entrenched on her body.
Angie groaned with intense pleasure. This was new…and different…and oh so sinful. Whatever this Nor’ahkeem was it certainly increased the sexual tension in elves to a fever pitch. Arching her hips, she met his mouth time after time.
Ardan devoured her like a starved man, the heat from his mouth searing its feel into her very flesh. He lavishly licked and nipped her into a frenzy which could only end in one way. And she wanted that more than anything.
She nearly came undone when he gently slid his fingers into her body, pumping them in and out of her gently. “Please…please,” she moaned.
“Please what, Ang? What is it you want me to do?”
The old, teasing Ardan seemed to be back. But she knew it was much more than that…this was something so special…she didn’t even want to try and analyze what happened or why.

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  1. OOOh, I want to know more about this ritual...and how it ends. Great post, Lynn.


  2. I definitely like this ritual. *grins*

  3. Oh, yes, ma'am! Who knew elves could be so dang sexy? Well, done!

  4. Thanks, J.A.! I love elves and was inspired by the best! Tolkein himself then of course the movies. LOL!

    Thanks for stopping by!