Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thursday's Tidbits with M.S. Kaye ~ @mskosciuszko #XOThurTB

Thursday’s Tidbits is about sharing an author sharing an exciting tidbit of information to help other authors.

Today we have M.S. Kaye to tell us what she did during her research for her latest book.

Writers Google the oddest things. It’s a wonder we’re not all on the government’s watch list. But then…maybe we are.

1.   Chicago (the city, not the musical)
2.   Types of gambling
3.   District attorney’s office
4.   The art of tattooing (Nope, I don’t have one of these.)
5.   1990s Mercedes body style
6.   Standard police sidearm
7.   How bail bonding works
8.   How to spell blowjob(Who’d have thought that was one word?)
9.   Jail booking procedures
10.  How to break a neck

Okay, I’m probably on a watch list somewhere—but it’s worth it to have this much fun writing books.

Buy Link:
Price: $5.99
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
Release Date: 9/2/13

Things aren’t what they seem. Don’t get involved.

Celisse is too headstrong to listen. Her best friend’s boyfriend is dead, and she does not heed Cullen’s warning, slipped to her in a note as he’s being arrested for the murder.

Cullen tries to keep Celisse out of danger and also tries to avoid her, both unsuccessfully. He can’t deny his feelings for her anymore, but he knows he can’t have her. If she ever discovered the truth about his past, she’d surely hate him.

While struggling with her intense feelings for Cullen, Celisse uses her skills as an ex-prosecutor to investigate, all while continuing to fight for Ogden, the organizer of an underground fight ring. She eventually realizes things are connected—the ring, Ogden, Cullen, the murder, and herself. She races to uncover the truth before she’s arrested or becomes the next victim—or perhaps, the next culprit.

Where can your readers find you?

M. S. Kaye has won several writing awards and has been published in literary journals. She is a 4th-degree black belt and certified instructor of Songahm Taekwondo. A transplant from Ohio, she resides in Jacksonville, FL with her husband, Corey, where she does her best not to melt in the sun.


  1. Thanks, M.S., for sharing your tidbits with us!

  2. Thanks, Kane and Lynn. Kane, if you think " how to break a neck" is funny, I think I'd like to read some of your work. Lol