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Wednesday's Writer with Marie Higgins ~ @MarieHigginsXOX #XOWedWri

Tell us about your latest book, including its genre. Does it cross over to other genres? If so, what are they?

My latest book is “Waiting For You”. I like to call this book my ‘everything all wrapped up into one sweet package’ book. Tons of cross over genres – paranormal (heroine is a ghost), time-travel, romantic comedy, romance, historical, contemporary, and last but not last…mystery.

What can we expect from you in the future?

I’m currently working on another time-travel / suspense romance, “Love Lost in Time”. I’m thinking this is going to be a three-book series. It’s my goal to have it published by the middle of September 2013.

Do your fans' comments and letters influence you in any way?

Yes, they do. Occasionally I get emails from fans, but mostly I get comments from an online readers/writers group – This is mainly a place for new writers, but there are also some seasoned authors like me on there. I let these readers look over my first drafts for free. I look forward to their encouraging comments. It’s what keeps me going!

Do you have a favorite comment or question from a reader?

Yes, my favorite comment is when readers tell me my stories are “amazing” and “addicting”. My new favorite “A” words!!

How much of your personality and life experiences are in your writing?

Well, my life experience really isn’t in my books (although I do feel pain, heartache, love, anger and those other emotions I write about), but I love adding humor in my stories. That is my personality because I love making people laugh!

Where do you start when writing? Research, plotting, outline, or...?

Most of my stories start with a dream. I’ll dream a scene, usually. In the following few days, I’m thinking about how I can turn it into a story. Does this have good motivation and conflict…if not, how can I add more? Then I figure out the characters; names, history and goals. Then I decide what era I want to put them in, and then figure out what town, etc. Once all that is done, I start writing.  I don’t do a lot of plotting…just let the characters lead the way. If I stumble across something in the story I’m not too sure about, then I’ll do research.

What are your thoughts on love scenes in romance novels? Do you find them difficult to write?

I don’t write love scenes. My stories are considered “sweet” (which means no sex scenes and no swear words). But I sure do love to write sexual attraction as long as it stays clean.

What does your husband/wife/significant other think of your writing?

18 years ago when I first started writing, my husband absolutely hated that I wrote romance. He hated that I spend so much time on the computer instead of being in the front room with him watching television. When I finally started making money on my stories, he decided he’d better be more supportive or I would take my big royalty check and go on a cruise without him. Heehee

Do you ever ask him/her for advice?

Never… Well, only if it’s about cars or wood-working tools.

Please tell us about yourself.

I’ve lived in Utah all my life and I’ve been married too long…um, I mean 28 years. I have two daughters (who are now grown and out of the house) and one of my daughters has two children. I love being a grandmother! I work for the state of Utah full time. Other than my writing, my family is most important next to my religion.

Black or red? ~ both…they were my wedding colors. Lol!  But if I had to choose one, I’d chose black.
Satin sheets or Egyptian cotton? ~ satin!
Ocean or mountains? ~ Mountains!
City life or country life? ~ Country.
Hunky heroes or average Joe? ~ HUNK! (was there any other answer? Really?)
Party life or quiet dinner for two? ~ Dinner for two.
Dogs or cats? ~ Dogs
Dessert ~ Brownies
City ~ Brigham City (where I live)
Season ~ Autumn
Type of hero ~ HUNKY…oh, but he must have a great sense of humor, too!
Type of heroine ~ Spunky – hard-headed!

Price: $4.50
Genre: Paranormal / Time-travel Romance
Publisher: Self-published
Release Date: Aug. 24, 2013

When a beautiful woman claiming to be a ghost from 1912 appears in Nick Marshal’s new office and begs for help in solving her murder, he’s intrigued enough to consider her plea. A scandal that rocked Hollywood almost destroyed his law practice, so taking on a client who insists she’s dead seems a good way to refresh his career. The more history he uncovers, the deeper he falls for the ghost. Abigail Carlisle believes Nick is her heart’s true desire, but how can happily ever after happen when she’s already dead?


He lifted his gaze, and Abigail noticed the deep lines etched around his eyes. So adorable!
“I must still be dreaming,” Nick said. “I woke up this morning from a weird dream, and now I don’t think I’m really awake.”
She scooted to the edge of the desk and leaned closer, reaching out to touch him. Then, realizing the gesture was futile, she stopped her hand in midair. “I wish I could convince you this is not a dream.”
“I don’t know. There has to be some way I can persuade you.”
Mr. Marshal brought his face closer. Nervously, she sucked her bottom lip again. His emerald green eyes dropped to her mouth, making her heart beat slightly faster.
“You do that a lot.” His voice came out husky and rich.
Dumbstruck, her mouth turned dry as if she’d been chewing on cotton instead of her lip. Her pulse quickened, the beat of her heart pounded in her ears. Strange to think she could still feel her heartbeat even when she was dead.
He drew an invisible line around her lips with his finger. “You do that when you’re worried.”
“I know. I’ve done that since my mother died.”
“When you chew on your lip, it leaves a raspberry color. I’ve been studying you really hard this morning.”
She smiled. “Just as I have been analyzing you.”
Nick arched an eyebrow. “And how long have you been doing that?”
“A few weeks—since you started setting up your new office, anyway.”
Nodding, he pulled at his collar again. Was he panicked or just nervous? She wished she could ease his mind in some way. Being afraid of her wasn’t a good thing at this point. She must earn his trust.
He returned his gaze to her mouth. “I think it’s cute the way you suck on your bottom lip. It makes me want to nibble on it, too.”
Her heart leapt to her throat. What a bold—and improper—thing to say! So why did she like it so much? And why did her head fill with images of his lips on hers… “You are talking nonsense, Mr. Marshal.” Her voice quivered. She tapped her fingernail on the desk. The longer he stared at her lips, the faster her finger tapped. She nibbled on her lips again.
“I think I know a way for you to prove you’re not a figment of my imagination,” he said.
She stilled her hand and inhaled slowly. “Indeed? How?”
“By…um…well, you can suck on your lip to make it a raspberry color, so perhaps you could do the same to me?”
Blood rushed to her cheeks and she thought her face would ignite into flames—a feeling she hadn’t experienced since she’d died. Her heartbeat danced an unsteady rhythm, hammering like a runaway train. Yet, the idea wasn’t that far-fetched.
His eyes twinkled as if improper thoughts swam in his head, also. Indeed, he was a rogue of the first order.
“You…you want me to…suck on your lip?”
Nick pushed away from his desk and stood. She rose with him until they were face to face. He pulled the shirt collar away from his neck again, exposing more skin. Oh heavens!
“As much as the thought of kissing you sounds enjoyable,” he said, “I was thinking about something entirely different.” He pointed to his neck and chuckled. “Go for it, honey. Give me a hickey. This ought to be interesting.”
“A hickey?”
“Yes. Suck on my neck until you bruise my skin.”
“Oh, that is utterly ridiculous.” She released an uneasy laugh even as his deep voice sent heated tingles up her spine. As improper as the suggestion seemed, she still wanted to do it with every fiber of her being…or in her case, semi-being. “Why, I cannot even touch you. How am I supposed to draw forth a bruise?”
“I just want to see if it works.” He shrugged. “What could it hurt?”
Fear and anticipation made her hands moist. She shouldn’t do it, but she wanted to prove to him she was not a figment of his imagination. Would it work? What if it didn’t? He’d think she was just a hallucination.
No matter how insane the idea sounded, she had to try. She had to prove to him she was real…well, as real as possible, anyway.
Taking a deep breath, she concentrated on her goal. While she’d been dead, she’d moved papers and objects just a little heavier, but could she do this? Would her newly-acquired ghostly skills allow her to make a mark on his neck?
She stepped closer. Once again, butterflies jumped wildly in her stomach. Swallowing hard, she leaned toward his neck. His masculine spice encircled her.
Closing her eyes, she smiled. Never in her life—or death—had she imagined doing this to a man, but if it would prove to him she needed his help, she’d try anything.
She opened her mouth slightly, putting all her concentration on bruising his neck. She sucked, just as if she was trying to draw juice from a stubborn melon. Although she couldn’t feel a thing, she prayed something good would come out of their little experiment.
A low growl shook his chest. “Hmm…I feel tingles.”
Her heart sped with excitement, and she concentrated harder, putting all of her effort into it. Her cheeks ached with the strain, but she continued.
A deep groan rattled in his chest. “It kind of tickles, too.”
That’s a good sign!
She pulled back and looked into his face. His eyes were closed, his mouth stretched in a grin. “Well?” she whispered. “Did you feel anything?”
He opened his eyes and touched where her mouth had been. Immediately, she noticed a red mark. Happiness shot through her, but she tamed it. Although she saw it, she needed him to see it, too.
Nick moved to the adjoining bathroom and looked in the mirror hanging on the wall. She followed behind him. When he caught his reflection, his eyes widened and his mouth dropped open.
“I’ll be damned… You gave me a hickey!”
She sighed. I did, didn’t I? She relaxed her stiff shoulders. “Will you believe me now?”
“I…I…” He shook his head. “I should believe you. It’s there, but…”
“But what?”
He met her gaze through the mirror. “But if you remember correctly, I think I’m loony, so maybe I’m just imagining seeing it there.”
She growled and bunched her hands into fists.

Where can your readers find you?
Facebook -
Twitter - @MarieHigginsXOX
Where’s your favorite place to hang out online?
My email first, then Facebook.

Since Marie Higgins was a little girl playing Barbies with her sister, Stacey, she has loved the adventure of making up romantic stories. Marie was only eighteen years old when she wrote her first skit, which won an award for Funniest Skit. A little later in life, after she’d married and had children, Marie wrote Church roadshows that were judged as Funniest and Best Written. From there, she branched out to write full-length novels based on her dreams. (Yes, she says, her dreams really are that silly)

Marie has been married for twenty-six years to a wonderful man. Together, they have three loving daughters and several beautiful grandchildren. Marie works full time for the state of Utah, where she has lived her entire life. Marie plans to keep writing, because the characters in her head won’t shut up. But her husband smiles and pretends this is normal.


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