Sunday, September 1, 2013

WeWriWa ~ My Unpublished 8 Week 2 ~ #8Sunday #LynnCrain

Hi Everyone!

This is my second time with the Weekend Writing Warriors. I'm sharing my 8 sentences from one of my current WIPs, The Voyage of the Inara Marue.

A voice I hadn't heard before entered my field of hearing. I tried to lick my lips and found that I couldn't because there was no moisture available. The crowd parted and sitting where Alvarez normally sat was the prettiest man I had even seen in my life. I shook my head, pretty was the wrong word, handsome was the word for a man. "What -- it's -- it's like I'm becoming scrambled. The words -- the words -- the words don't match any more." I realized just how little control I had over this new technology. If I had been given full control I might be able to understand what was going on better.

This novel is a sci-fi with romantic elements and is about a woman who was modified without her permission. Her modifications are many, like limbs, eyes and nanites flowing through her body. She was built for a special mission but those in power at the military want her for something very different.

Hope you enjoyed my Sunday 8. Now to get to the other WeWriWa authors this week, just click on the logo or paste this link into your browser and visit all the wonderful authors writing this weekend. 

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  1. I think you portray her confusion very effectively with the word problems she's having...quite an intriguing concept for this story and an excellent excerpt.

  2. Men can most definitely be pretty...and in a very sexy eat 'em up kind of way : )

  3. She seems very confused, I wonder how she will overcome this. When she discover the extend of the changes she might be shocked.