Saturday, October 26, 2013

Loving the Scotsman ~ Wouldn't It Be Sexy ~ @oddlynn3 #Saturday7 #LynnCrain #MySexySaturday

It’s week 22 at My Sexy Saturday and I’d like to give you a warm welcome.

I’m back at my desk in Vienna, Austria this week. We had a wonderful time with family and friends for a couple of weeks. Still, it’s great to be at my own computer putting together a MSS post.

First, I just loved the Hot Mojave Knights conference. It was wonderful reconnecting with people I know and love. Being with other writers is one of the most exhilarating experiences that I know. I enjoyed each and every minute of it. Here’s a shout out to the wonderful authors and people from eXtasy Books: Adriana Kraft, Tina Haveman and Viola Grace to name a few. And I can't forget my BFF, Brynn McClain, who's a new author and was at her first conference with that moniker. I had a fabulous time!

Here’s the recap on MSS: My Sexy Saturday is a weekly blog hop where authors share sexy snippets of their books with 7 words, 7 sentences or 7 paragraphs. Each week we aim to entertain readers through our snippets and excerpts posted. This is for our readers as we value and appreciate each one of you.

Also, to get you prime for a visit to Scotland, I’m including another picture from one of my wonderful trips there. It is one of the most wonderful places on earth and I wish everyone could visit it.

I am sharing another snippet from my finished book called Loving the Scotsman. I haven’t heard back from the agent but you all will be the first to know. Again, this is a story told in 1st person POV from both the heroine and hero. The lovers are being drawn together after 15 years apart. This week we’re staring Chapter 2 of the story. Here’s my sexy 7 sentences for the week. Enjoy!

“Aye, it is. Again, may I help you?” The short, non-descript man stood there patiently as if I were the only person in the world.
I took a deep breath. Surely, Monica put down the address wrong. But I knew the print wasn’t hers. This couldn’t be where he lived, at least, not the man I knew.  “Does a Logan MacKenzie live here?”

Please visit all the great authors from My Sexy Saturday weekly blog hop listed below. Have a great weekend...see you next week!



  1. Love the intrigue here. Is this her past lover or a playful matchmaker? See what happens when I don't get enough info, Lynn? My imagination goes wild. :)


  2. I enjoy first person stories. I like getting deep into one POV and I think it's really cool you're doing it from both sides.