Sunday, October 20, 2013

WeWriWa ~ My Unpublished 8 ~ #8Sunday #LynnCrain

Hi everyone!

This week is my eighth time with the Weekend Writing Warriors. Here’s 8 sentences from one of my current WIPs, The Voyage of the Inara Marue.

Sighing deeply, she slowly turned to look at him more fully. "The nanites they gave me are different from anything I've had before. I can't really explain it. It's like I'm looking at my body and its function down a long tunnel. It's as if I'm an observer…like a war is happening in my body…and I have no control over anything."
Startled, he didn't like what he was hearing. "Do you know who's winning?"
"I am,” she answered with another lopsided grin.

This is a sci-fi novel with some romance, not a lot. It’s more about the story. The heroine, Camden Jayde is a soldier who was modified without her permission. The faction paying the bill modified her for the good of mankind but the military has other ideas. Those ideas serve no one but their own purposed. Her mission: save mankind, save the species. All she has to do is to accept.
Hope you enjoyed my Sunday 8. Please go check out the other WeWriWa authors this week, just click on the logo or paste this link into your browser and visit all the wonderful authors writing this weekend.

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  1. I love the do you know who's winning line and her sassy response.

  2. A very nice 8. I like when says I'm winning.

  3. Good for her, glad she feels she's winning! Enjoying this story, another terrific excerpt!

  4. Nicely the story idea.

  5. Interesting little scene...and I love her spunk.