Saturday, November 9, 2013

Loving the Scotsman ~ @oddlynn3 #MySexySaturday #MSSWeek24 #Saturday7 #LynnCrain

It’s week 24 at My Sexy Saturday and welcome.

I’m finally back in the right time zone…yeah, me! This is a very good thing. But let’s get right to it: My Sexy Saturday is a weekly blog hop where authors share sexy snippets of their books with 7 words, 7 sentences or 7 paragraphs. Each week we aim to entertain readers through our snippets and excerpts posted. This is for our readers as we value and appreciate each one of you.

I’m still with my fabulous story Loving the Scotsman and have been working on the second and third book in the series. My agent is presenting this as a three book package and I couldn’t agree with her more. This is a story told in 1st person POV from both the heroine and hero. Since it’s such a unique approach, I’ve been given the go ahead to write books 2 and 3 exactly the same way. Yippee! The rehash on Loving the Scotsman is this: the lovers are being drawn together after 15 years apart. This week we’re still Chapter 2 of the story. Here’s my sexy 7 sentences for the week. Enjoy!

And there he stood in all his wild glory. This was not going to be easy because this man looked better now than when we were younger. His hair still had that wild, jostled look but in a more refined way. His eyes were still as green, his face still as angular but where the leanness of a young man had been were the more masculine hard lines of a fully mature male. While the shirt looked to be a designer style, he still wore jeans. They still left nothing to the imagination. I swallowed hard. He was sex incarnate.

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  1. I love the idea of both the hero and heroine's 1st person POV in your series. Your My Sexy Saturday snippet is a great visual.

  2. Well done! That's hard to do, first person in both characters - congrats for pulling it off so well.

  3. Yummy!Age has definitely improved him. :)

  4. Real men just get sexier with age. Loved it!