Sunday, November 10, 2013

WeWriWa ~ A WIP's 8 Sentences ~ @oddlynn3 #8Sunday #LynnCrain

Hi everyone!

This is week 13 for me with the Weekend Writing Warriors. Here’s 8 sentences from one of my current WIPs, The Voyage of the Inara Marue.

When I first woke up in my new body, I panicked and almost had a total mental breakdown. Until the nanites talked to me and life had suddenly become much, much easier. It took me a couple of months to actually understand everything they were telling me but once I could, it opened things up to unlimited possibilities. “You better hope that they don’t have any DNA walkers.”
“No one has ever made them work.”
I turn my eyes to look at his face. I can see down to the sub-atomic level if I really wanted. Yeah, I am that good.

This is a sci-fi story with just a hint of romance. It’s Camden Jayde’s story. She was a soldier who had a meet up with an IED. Then the government decided she was their own little guinea pig. She’s had extensive modifications that are physical and genetic. And that doesn’t’ include the nanotechnology flowing through her veins. It makes her smarter, stronger and better than any human alive. But there are two groups who want to claim her. One side had her modified for the good of all mankind. The other is a war-mongering group who has little but their own agenda in mind. Her mission: save mankind, save the species and if luck holds, save the world. All she has to do is to accept.
Hope you enjoyed my Sunday 8. Please go check out the other WeWriWa authors this week, just click on the logo or paste this link into your browser and visit all the wonderful authors writing this weekend.

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  1. I'm not sure who she's talking to in this eight, but I'm sure the sections before would make that clear. At first I thought she was talking to her nannites and she could see their face. I like the idea behind this story.

  2. Such an interesting story, which just took a fascinating turn with the ability to communicate with the nannites. Great snippet!

  3. Wow, I like the way she talks of her new self, both the awareness and the acceptance. Curious who answered her.