Saturday, August 2, 2014

Our Sexy Love ~ @oddlynn3 #MySexySaturday #LynnCrain

Welcome to week 53 at My Sexy Saturday and this week’s theme is our sexy love. I can honestly say that I had no sexy love for Vienna this week. The humidity was oppressive and within moments of me stepping outside, I was a wet noodle. These are the days that I love to write and look at the world from my 5th floor flat.

Never mind that we had thunderstorms all week that made Pup Harry hide in the closet for hours at a time. I felt sorry for the little dog because there were a couple days that the internet was off and while we could distract ourselves, he couldn’t at all. The thunder was loud and the lightning cracking every few seconds. Still, he turned three on August 1st and was a very happy dog from all the attention.

How’s it been going in your neck of the woods? And don’t forget that every comment you make this month will be entered into my monthly contest for a $20 gift certificate. And believe me, you’ll have plenty of opportunity.

Like I said the theme this week for My Sexy Saturday is our sexy love. Now, I’ve had a lot of stories with sexy love. Here’s the set up for this week’s story, Shopping Spree: When Jonas watched a nude woman start to try on clothes in his exclusive women’s boutique, he didn’t know that her next item to try on would be…him. And here’s my sexy seven paragraphs from this short novella. You can get it here at eXtasy Books. You can pick up your copy today for just $0.99…it’s an excellent way to try me out!

“You didn’t answer me. You do own the shop…right?” She stood there patiently, arms at her side.
Jonas just couldn’t move, not sure what to say. It had been a while since a beautiful woman stood before him so scantily clad. “Umm…yes, I own the shop…why do you ask?”
She smiled slowly then, seductively. “Well…I just didn’t want to do this to just anyone…you know.”
He didn’t have to wait long for ‘this’ as she crossed the short distance between them, the silk fluttering from the movement, as she pushed herself on to him.
“I saw you when I came in and decided that I just had to have you. But a girl has a certain criteria, you know?” Running her hands up his chest, she reached his neck and pulled him forward.
“Really? Hey,” Jonas started to protest but her lips stopped the words. She ran her tongue along his mouth and nipped at his lips before covering them with her own. Her tongue snaked out and began to war with his in a dance as ancient as time.
“You taste good,” she murmured, looking up at him. Pulling him to her yet again, her limber tongue caressed the inside of his mouth making him wonder what it would feel like on his cock. Reaching down, she ran her fingers along his bulge, grabbing him and pressing into him, making him yearn for so much more.

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Have a great weekend...see you next week!


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  1. Well, that would certainly make shopping more interesting. I admire a woman who knows what she wants and isn't afraid to go for it! Great snippet.