Saturday, July 26, 2014

Our Sexy Year ~ @oddlynn3 #MySexySaturday #LynnCrain

Welcome to week 52 at My Sexy Saturday and this week we’re celebrating the fact that the blog has been around for a whole year of bringing sexy snippets to readers. This is so fantastic! A whole year! I just can’t believe it.

And they want your help in deciding just when they are going to celebrate that wonderful event. The choices are Halloween and Christmas and there are promises for lots and lots of great prizes. So drop them a line at and let them know when you’d like that wonderful celebration. Please put ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION in the subject line so they can find it easier.

This week it has been beautiful in Vienna, Austria. We’ve had thunderstorms on occasion and that’s caused horrible internet problems every now and again but over all, it’s great. How’s it been going in your neck of the woods?

My Sexy Saturday has been left up to the discretion of the author as there is no theme except maybe something along the anniversary type. Now, I don’t’ really have anything in regards to an anniversary at all. Most of my stories end at the happily-ever-after but sometimes, I do give a glimpse into what the character’s life afterward. And such is the case with Captain Bekka Taylor. The battle has been won, she still has her man but life doesn’t stop there.

Here’s my sexy seven paragraphs from my book, More Than Robotics. You can get it here at eXtasy Books.

What makes the worth of one person more than another? Does it matter if that person were part machine and part human as long as his or her heart and soul are pure? Or as long as they protect and love each other enough to ensure the survival of the species? Of both species? Yes, I am seeing them as a new species because they are a combination of us and robotics. I don’t know how. I do know those are the questions we’ll need to answer over the next few years because many will go by and people on both sides will die before this uprising is over.
It took us less than twenty-four hours to secure the Hannibal and less than two to leave the Jaxxon Quadrant far behind. But that wasn’t before we had bombarded the hell out of the mining colony we were trapped circling. It would be a long time before the UFF got another malamintine vein that large. And the IUA wouldn’t be happy with me either once I explained to them why we had to destroy the little planetoid.
But all that would wait as I find myself in the captain’s stateroom on the Lanko for a very special reason. The birth of my best friend’s child…a child she was never supposed to birth…and now he’s here. The delivery was routine by all accounts, but this was special because no one knew if my Fallon was the original or not even though she had been pregnant. She didn’t possess robotic parts, but there was a lot she couldn’t explain.
Javed came up behind me and put his arm around my shoulder. Some of the best days are when babies are born.
“Are you two still subvocalizing your thoughts to each other?”
“And what if we were?” I turned to see Fallon 2 looking at us with a quizzical expression on her face.
“Well, it would be a first. The audiobots are not geared to stay alive nor reproduce that long in a human system. Their lifespan should not exceed more than about two months.”

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Have a great weekend...see you next week!


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