Monday, May 11, 2015

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Hi Everyone!

Late again…wouldn’t you know it? LOL! It is what it is and I apologize. Really. I have a few cool things to share with you. Overall, the week’s been great, the weather temperate with a few scattered rain showers. It’s been a killer some days with the humidity. More on that later. Still with it bein so good, makes me wonder when the other shoe is going to drop.
As you know, Mother’s Day was yesterday and with my sons far away, I was a little depressed and who wouldn’t be when their chicks were far away. Never mind that they are both grown men with their own lives, I like to know that at least once a year they think of me. But Mr. C and I had already decided how we were going to celebrate the weekend.

Stadtpark Gemuse Festival 
Leaving Pup Harry at home, we decided to go to a weekend food festival just two blocks away. The day was beautiful as we walked to the event. Once there, we picked a way in and went with it. We were trying to get the maximum coverage because Stadtpark where the event was held has lots of nooks and crannies one can put a kiosk in. There are more than a few paths and even a pond to round out the definite European flare of the place.
It is one of my favorite parks except when the homeless take over and that’s another story. This week, they had kicked them all out of the local parks close to me in anticipation of festival season. This one called Gemuse Festival, had various foods, cheeses and wine from every section of the country. That’s how they divided up the park.
When we first went in, we thought that it would be fine but the more we followed the trails, the more we realized the park was overflowing with people. It was hard to get close to any of the wares and for me it was really frustrating since I am not a crowd person. Finally, we decided to go to the fringes as it seems everyone was congregated in the central portion. We hit the jackpot and though there was still lots of people, we could at least move around and see what the vendors were selling.
Our first stop was at a place where we saw the most amazing carrot cakes. We got two to split for each of the weekend days. The next stop, we picked up some wine from northern Austria. From there we looked at hot sauces, whiskey from a nearby distillery which was news to us, more wine, bread and lastly some cheese that was so smelly I had to step back from the booth. Yeah, it was that strong.
It was such an exciting day that we almost went for a second day then decided that lounging was best. We took our afternoon walk close there and took the pictures then as if we’d taken them Saturday, they would have been filled with people!

Stadtpark Gemuse Festival
For us, this marks the start of festival season as from this point on, there were be many food, wine or cheese festivals in the area. Matter of fact, I think it actually started when I found that plant festival at the Botanical Gardens a month ago. This is one of the things I do plan on getting to this year and it looks as if we’ve made a great start.
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Hope you enjoyed this little look into Austria and beyond. See you all next week!


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