Tuesday, May 12, 2015

My So-Called Writing Life ~ @oddlynn3 #LynnCrain #amwriting #amreading

This was a week that I took a daily break from writing. I blamed it on bad internet connections, bad headache, bad allergies, you name it, I used it this week. Not to say those things weren’t true, they were but being a writer is like being a mother sometimes you have to put away how you’re feeling and get the job done.
Most of the time, I’m that way. I will plug along with the biggest pounding headache or allergy headache until I can’t see straight and then I’ll lay down. Not this week. This week is a big week as I’m celebrating the re-release of Night of the Blue Moon, one of my award winning books. It starts with a bang tomorrow.
First, there will be a post here. Then there will be a Thunderclap where I get tweeted or FB shared with over 800K worth of people. That is so exciting in itself and sometimes I have to pinch myself to believe it. Then between now and May 20th, when I’m supposed to raise the price to $2.99, it’s going to be shared, tweeted and promoted by others. The price of the book is $0.99 right now and if the promotion goes well, I may just leave it on sale for a little bit longer. The link will be shared tomorrow.
Now back to why I took a break. I know I had a lot of things to do with the re-release of my book. I’ve done them today, yesterday, I’ll be doing them tomorrow. So why then am I taking a break?
One word…Longmire. Yup, I’m a die-hard Longmire fan and Netflix recently released season 3 on the world. Since they are the new network of the series, that means they are prepping us for something. I know it won’t be until fall but I like to be early. So I’ve been having a Longmire Fest since last Friday when I noticed the announcement.
Add to that, another Longmire novel was released today and you’ve got one happy reader. Yes, writers are readers and it’s important that we do. Most writers don’t read stories in their genre when they are writing because they don’t want any slippage from what they read to their page.
Sometimes I adhere to that and sometimes I don’t. I don’t read as much as I used to and it saddens me. Therefore, I won’t stop a story I’m reading just because I’ve suddenly decided to write something similar. And that’s all it would ever be is similar. The reasons are many but the biggest fact is my imagination isn’t like anyone else in any way. You can give two writers the same prompt and they will come up with totally different stories. In my honest opinion, the only time they would be close is if they ever worked together, graduated from the same writing school or something along those lines.
After all, there are no new ideas in the way of plots. All writers know that there are about twenty basic plotlines and everything we write is a deviation of one of those. Take that number and multiply it by the number of writers, you get an idea of just how many storylines can come up.
Sure, there may be some overlap. I can’t name the times that I’ve read a story and said to myself, ‘I had that idea…why didn’t I act upon it?’ Most ideas, in general, have been thought about by at least two different people in the world. The names or circumstances will be different, but the germ of an idea might be the same.
I’m off to read Longmire…heck I’ll probably stay up all night…next week, maybe I’ll let you know just why I love Craig Johnson’s writing so darn much!
Until then…


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