Saturday, July 5, 2014

One Sexy Lady ~ @oddlynn3 #MSS49 #Saturday7 #LynnCrain

Welcome to week 49 at My Sexy Saturday and this week I’ve been out and about Europe. We went to fabulous places like Venice and the Alps. You can find the full scoop late this week at my other blog, A Writer in Vienna, as I talk about this latest foray out into the European countryside.

Orginally I had posted this: This will probably look a little ragged until I get home from my short vacation to fix it...but at least it's posted...and I'm happy. Look for the updated version on Saturday evening when this opening paragraph will go away. After all, what can I expect when I didn't pack all the credentials needed to fire up my Office 365 on the road. That's a whole other story.

And it still pertains to the situation today. So, I’m seriously thinking about getting a Surface when I can as I hate lugging that huge laptop around with me to write, Skype or post at various places. So, it's going to be short and sweet. My sexy heroine is still Captain Bekka Taylor and this sexy seven paragraphs are from my book, More Than Robotics. You can get it here at eXtasy Books.

Bek, we’ve gone over this before. Hey, now is the time to not fall apart on me. What’s wrong? Javed crossed the room and cupped my cheek in a gentle hand.
How can you ask that? Most of the people on this ship are family…my family…there has to be a way we can wipe the bad and replace them with the good? I felt the emotion bubbling to the surface like a boiling cauldron. These people had been my family for more years than I cared to remember. They were all I had when life went bad as it occasionally did. Fallon had been so far away most of those times and we had visited each other so little in the years since the academy even though we had talked more or less weekly.
He closed his eyes as if he suffered my pain. I’ve told you this before, only if we can wipe them clean and start fresh. Even then we can’t guarantee that the person you get will be the one you remember. I am so sorry, but your crew will never be the same.
I stopped and rubbed my face to get a grip on my emotions. This can’t be all there is. It’s a unacceptable scenario. We can’t win, they can’t win. It’s a no win situation. No one willing goes into one without having a damn good back up plan.
Don’t give you training for that in the academy do they? Look, we’re doing what we can with the knowledge we have. There isn’t much there as far as intelligence goes or at least not when I left the Lanko. The chatter has died down and it’s my hope Fallon 2 has gotten through to them somehow. If not, I suspected we’d hear fighting in this very hall as they tried to get through the door.
I gazed at him through tired eyes. The whole time we had been hidden we’d gone through every bit of intel we had and he was correct. There wasn’t much. And Trevor had said the same thing. Added to the fact we received no new information and one could say we had fallen off the fricking grid. Suddenly, my heart beat rose and the feeling wasn’t from good as I had a sick sense in the pit of my stomach. Have you checked our position recently?
No. Why do you ask?

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  1. I feel for Bekka. She sounds so weary but still worried for her crew. And the future.

  2. Yes, PJ, she is very worried about the future. It's one of the reasons I love her character so much.

    Thanks for stopping by!